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2007-02-09 13:39:56

No longer updated

Hello there, I do not longer update this page. Please refer to my current blog. For the rest, enjoy the trip back in time. :)

2007-01-31 23:29:49

Happy New Year (Meinhardian calendar)

I just came back from a small trip to Kavalla in north-eastern Greece and Ayvalik, a small fisher town built by Greek people on the Turkish Aegean coast. It was good to be on the road again for a while, eat some dust, camp out and get the kick of the car slowing down for you.

Along the way I was picked up by several old men in trucks or vans (only speaking Turkish/Greek), a burek baker delivering his stuff to the border station at night, a car trailer van (an interesting breed of drivers), a German couple driving a huge caravan with a tiny dog inside (caravans never stop usually, but this one I overtook a few times in faster cars, and the third time they thought that is quite amusing and picked me up), a young accountant paying the ferry for me (thanks again!), two times a police man off duty (one going to attend the heart transplantation of his four year old child, the other driving to the funeral of his sister), two bus wind shield technicians speeding down the roads carrying four wind shields 1000 EUR a piece and a gas truck driver ("When this blows up there is nothing you can do, but to drive away very fast. Several square kilometres will be wasteland.").

The border crossing into Greece was somewhat special (I had to leave and re-enter the country to renew my tourist visa after 3 months). It was dark already when I walked the last few kilometres towards the border and an enormous wind made it almost impossible to walk. There I was, flying around the empty straight road, slowly advancing forward, mummed up in my clothes, trying to hitch-hike while being pushed off the street. It must have been a frightening sight for the -- very few -- cars passing by. I had my fun and played with the storm until the baker man stopped and gave me a lift. The structures at the border station were shaking in the wind, toll bars breaking, things were flying around. Everyone had expressions of "yey, there is not going to be school tomorrow" in their faces and waved me through without hassle.

The night on my way to Ayvalik I was stuck at some petrol station in the middle of nowhere. There were about 150 km to go, so I camped on a field behind a little hill. The next morning, I walked down to the street, literally the first car stopped and brought me all the way to Ayvalik. Insert some cosmic energy here please. :)

Hitch-hiking worked very well during the trip, as soon as I was standing at the right spot I never waited longer than half an hour. But to get to the right spot sometimes took a few kilometres of walking. After Bengue joined me on the way back from Ayvalik to Istanbul today actually waiting times dramatically reduced to minutes and usually one of the first 5 cars stopped.

Oh, about the headline: It's my birthday today and on Friday I will have a little party at the Tuenel art cafe in Taksim, Istanbul. Come along if you read this!

2007-01-23 20:41:07 on sale

I am selling a domain name on Ebay. Read the full story in the item description (scroll down for English version).

2007-01-22 13:13:05

Green my Apple campaign

This is wonderful, Greenpeace started a bold campaign adressing the computer hardware industry and Apple computers in particular, who is ranking last on their list for green electronics, demanding their products to be better recyclable and free from toxic substances. The campaign uses all sorts of Web 2.0 viral channels including a fake keynote video on YouTube with Apple founder Steve Jobs announcing the Green Apple. Not to be missed is their special "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ad. As you would expect, Greenpeace takes the company by its weakest point -- their image -- and uses well-known symbols of Apple's fame and redirects their energy with the help of subvertising techniques. Very clever, and I am sure Steve will react to it as soon as "greenness" becomes a desired feature in computers. First reactions of the commercial Apple crowd were mixed though: A Greenpeace booth got evicted from MacExpo London last October, but activists could roam freely at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco a few days ago. So, help making the computer industry go sustainable by spreading the word!

2007-01-14 23:22:17

Contemporary dance and improvisation

Michael calls it Movement Research in Public Spaces. A bunch of people meet somewhere in the city, jump around, play imaginative scenes, roll around the floor and do other odd stuff that makes passers-by stop, kids cheer, groups of Japanese tourists clap. Today's improvisation meeting was the highlight of a series of get-togethers like that during this week. Ten moving improvisationists showed up, I was amongst them, and walked - partly with their eyes closed - to a small square next to the Hagia Sofia mosque/church and let everything out for about an hour. I met wonderful people and connected with them instantly. Michael contacted me through my friend Dante before he came to Istanbul a week ago and since then I am discovering the contemporary dance scene with him. There are more little studios hidden in the houses around the Galata tower than you would think. Expressing one's emotions and impulses through dance is such a pure and self-healing activity.

2007-01-05 19:59:12

Processing unrest

Another piece of generative animation called Workers out on a saturday night ;) can now be viewed. I spent most of last night trying to figure out how to rotate coordinates "by foot", then kind of understood and went on to the rotation functions build into processing which really make life much easier. Next up: Some 3D action!

2007-01-03 03:43:53

First experiments

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop about the Java based visual arts programming kit Processing. Have a look at my first Processing creations in my sandbox (you need Java enabled in your browser).

2006-12-31 00:09:40

Moth's paradise

I got a warm jumper today. Bengue and me were digging through huge piles and big bags of old clothes hidden in a big shop in the very old merchant alleys near the spice market to find this masterpiece of knittery: Me happy with jumper

2006-12-22 04:33:52

The netzteil thing

A few years ago a friend of mine and me started a small company called "netzteil", running coin-operated Linux Internet kiosks in German youth hostels. The burst of the first Internet bubble unfortunately took the company down with it two years later. One of the people involved now wrote an article about it (German only). You can see the cute machines in my sandbox. Enjoy!

2006-12-08 00:30:46

Where Wikipedia came from

Hey, did you know that Jimmy Wales started Wikipedia as a project within his "titty portal" (as The Register calls it) company back in 2000? And look what it has become now. Someone once told me about pornography having long been the driving force behind development of media technology. Hm, not sure about that, I said. Anyway, the initial project lead and hands-on creator of Wikipedia Larry Sanger recently announced Citizendium, a "fork", an independent clone of the current Wikipedia with a less hierarchic governing system and a lot of other changes. Let's see what it will become and where it leads us to. The future is so exciting! :)

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